May 31, 2011

Take a break or get Broken.

Finally getting away, further than Malaysia with the kids.
Savings ? Never enough so why?

You take the  load with the kids while it 's school term - push push, clear books, tidy through maths problems or project issues after work, a continuous cycle, of pushing, driving, moving them forward... until the exams are over. And then it is not just they who need the break but me too.

Take a break or get broken!  
I can feel it happening...

Just got tired and decided , let's go somewhere different, so borrow a little and let's get back to working your &*&*.. off once you get back. Nothing will change but at least I will take this window and create some new memories in it to carry me through the next few  years (you think?).

Life is unpredictable.

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