Feb 26, 2012

Dying appliances.....

the Old Cemetery
Recently appliances have started to break down at home, first the toaster, then the microwave and then the airpot (hotwater bolier). Earlier , the washing machine had sarted to give me trouble, but thankfully that was repairable.
So here I 'm pondering what the Universe might be trying to tell me and I got some colourful responses via Facebook but no mystical answers. Of course we all know that they don't make 'em like the old days.
Things have a limited lifespan these days, almost as predictably as the limited warranties that are handed out.

As much as I delayed replacing the microwave, after deliberating a long time over the long discussed, theorised and yet still to be proven talk of radiation etc etc I decided the advantages had proved themselves. Why limit radiation concern to mic ovens when daily we surround ourselves with radio, wifi and telco waves and then others second hand smoke, fumes, etc etc. We are all affected one way or the other.

Renewal is a part of the life cycle for both living and non-living. I just have to be philosophical about it and get a move on.
So of course here I am burning a hole in my cheque book this month to replace the dead appliances.

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