Feb 4, 2012

Son, taxi is still cheaper than renting acar.

I dropped my son off at a birthday party somewhere in ulusville (to me that is, where I stay is probably someone elses' ulusville)... in Loyang and picked in up a few hours later. Another boys 11th birthday and it's the usual beyblades, Xbox and NERF wars....

You only have that kind of fun at this age and you are only 11 once.

So of course to and fro, taxi charges were $70 in total The surcharge in the evening racked it up another $10.

I told my son his  bill for the night and he asked ' can we buy a car'. I suppose I'll have to explain to him that it is still cheaper than renting which is still cheaper than buying.

Oh well we'll see, life is so full of surprises.!  Maybe I'll strike TOTO soon.

1 comment:

fsmum said...

Beautiful picture. God bless their innocence.


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