Jun 23, 2012

Malacca June 14-17 2012

It was lovely lovely drive up, pretty smooth  but just a little glitch (traffic jam) on the way back. There was an overturned 18 wheeler lying turn turtle on the side of the highway.

The three nights in Malacca was pleasant and not that tiring considering we did some sight seeing of new sights and didn't get quite as lost seeing as how the GPS seemed to be quite spot on. Managed to make it the old ST Francis Xavier Church(built 1849) for the Sunset mass at 6pm at Saturday. God's providence we got a parking space(the one and only just in time)

We took in a cruise of the Malacca River, that was beautiful and scenic. The murals on the back of the shops were superb.

Sunset as usual is wonderful at Pantai Puteri of Tanjung Kling, breakfast at out favourite breakfast shack , nostalgic, yeah it's still there. The pratha (roti chanai) is better and the coffee is just as good.

We tried something called Satay Celup, a Malacca specialty which is essentially steamboat but the soup base is satay gravy. Interesting, not bad really just that the coffeeshop was hot and the kids took a little warming up to it just before we left when they discovered cockles and other more interesting goodies on a stick.
The new water theme park Malacca Wonderland, is as good as Sunway for me, not totally completed I think,  there's more to come for this theme park.

Enjoyed durians (not me of course) mangosteens, lychees, rambutans.., Portuguese food, Nonya food but amazingly the sambal belachan was absolutely not hot at all, prawns, crab. ....

Mum made it through the trip, despite the long drives and the heat.

We especially enjoyed ourselves at the Planterium, lying on our backs in cold aircondition,in a theatre all by oursleves,  face up to the ceiling for our 3D voyage through the solar system. That was GOOD.

The one thing I have not yet done over the numerous Malacca trips is to attend the night market on Jonker Walk, I'll get to it some time. Of course shopping at Jusco just before heading back. The Malaysian ringgit was 2.46 to 1 Sing dollar, that meant we got some bargains on some stuff.

I feel confident enough to drive on my own, if I had to do it. But let's bring the GPS along for the in town drive around.

A memorable trip with Mum and Dad.

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