Jun 17, 2013

Kids or Men's Department...

My boys are growing up. My daughter grew up first of course somehow I didn't have time to adjust there, cos she just leaped and decided she'd rather buy and choose her own clothes.

My older boy is skinny and tall and the youngest (boy), he's not as tall but not skinny and not fat either.. but the 4 years age difference has finally brought them to that stage where they are about the same waist size.

Well it hit me today when I went to the department store to look for three-quarter pants for the boys, I realize I can no longer shop for them in the kids department, I need to go to the men's department. There's no middle section for big boys or teens. But still it's tough looking for their size which seems to be neither here nor there.

They are not really fussy over clothes yet, just don't like to go shopping so I end up having to guess and fill their wardrobe as they outgrow their own stuff much faster now.

They have to grow up, sigh.... but they'll always be my boys..

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Anshul Gautam said...

All moms have to experience this, and am I sure my too had faced this. She never buys my clothes now and asks me to buy them myself. :D



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