Jul 17, 2013

Too much ... too little - Plant care

I'm growing my plant collection slowly, unfortunately the  '' rules'  are not so straightforward.
Japanese rose, I have to figure
out how to prune this ...

It's not just indoor and low light conditions, I thinks there's wind factor since I'm not on the ground floor and that I do have some sun but from an angle. I'm sort of facing south-west.

Spider Plant

Believe it when I say, I have managed to kill a couple of so called 'hard to kill' plants from either over watering or too much chemical fertiliser (inspite of following instructions). Well I have not gotten the hang of the soil types and am playing by ear. It's been almost a year now, so things are going well for the hardier plants like the money plant, Boston ferns and bamboo palm. 

So I'm making these rules as I go along.... (remember I'm an amateur) 

Rule no 1 : don't always follow instructions on fertilizer package
Rule no 2 : don't be so ambitious ( I'm aiming for a mini forest look in my balcony)
Rule no 3 : don't need to to fiddle with the soil too often .. perhaps once a month and not once a week.
Rule no 4 : weeds are not always a bad sign .. gives you an idea of the quality of the soil
Rule no 5: don't be afraid to trim and prune. [I have this fear I might hurt the plant too much !!  and then it won't bloom further...]
more to come ............

Depending on your environment, plant care is different on some basic levels I believe, but not all.
My curry leaf is really making slow progress along with the lime plant and I'm thinking that's good to do with the amount of sun each is getting. So I'm thinking let's move them around a bit.

I have had little success in growing flowering plants so far eventhough I picked those for low light and easier care, but then bear in mind mine is a tropical climate (mostly heat).
I recently acquired a Bougainvillea and the Peace Lily, let's see how that goes. I placed the former where the afternoon sun would hit it and the other in a slightly less sunlit area.

I'm enjoying my plants and the work that goes with it.

To be continued.............


Patsy said...

It's true that the rules do vary a little depending on the situation.

If your plants are growing slowly due to low light then they won't need so much fertiliser.

Helen A said...

Thanks so much Patsy..
I learnt a tough lesson with that..lost a few plants because of the fertilizer



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