Aug 7, 2013

Eavesdropping ...the things you don't need to hear ..

I can't help it, it's forced on me literally. These loud conversations are distractions when all I want to do is read my book

When I take public transport whether it's the bus or the MRT somebody is always on their phone not too far (worse next to) from me,  and doling out their problems or lifestory or gossip and NOT in a SOFT TONE. If'it's packed you cannot move away. I think these people don't care who hears them.

The worse one I remember was one I could not understand throughout my entire 1/2 hour journey. She spoke in really harsh Chinese dialect, I couldn't tell if she was angry or scolding someone or it was just the way of the language she used ! You can imagine my ears were ringing when I got off and continued to do so for some time.

Another conversation I recall was a mother (I presume) complaining about going home to cook for a son who was fussy, doesn't want to eat and always complaining about whatever was put before him. In my mind I thought,  '..don't cook lah' why spend energy when it's not appreciated by an ungrateful child... let him starve!.

There are bits of nonsense from teenagers about ''she so bad'  behaviours of their peers  and from wives complaining of useless husbands, office workers 'talking'about their co-workers and boss. There was one from a lady chatting about how she hides her credit card spending, gets extra cash 'by fiddling with 'marketing money, then she went on to talk about shopping and how she had to hide new items when ever she gets home after shopping ... .. how her husband goes on about her wasting money etc etc.....

Worst topic to hear in public, a conversation by a lady to her friend about  meeting a man friend who has a terrible wife and how she(person on phone) is the opposite of his wife ( he says ..).

Life moves along in all forms, doesn't it.

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