Aug 15, 2013

How Old am I ?

Call it birthday blues.., I started to think about maturing.
I don’t feel mature or old for my age. Of course you are only as old as you feel.  And anyway you are only old if you are 70 and above these days. (sorry dad don’t take offence if you read this).

I have to act it because of the kids but inside I don’t always feel 'adult', except when the bones and joints remind me otherwise. Feels more like a cloak of responsibility not so much as my skin. I wear it more often than I would like to, it comes with duty and having kids.

So what does that mean Dr Freud,...  perhaps I didn’t sufficiently experience my immaturity in the immature phase of life and therefore long for it. !!!

I do have the urge to stick my tongue out at persons who seem lame and annoyingly ‘dumb’ , I have the urge to eat fries for lunch out of the blue or gobble down a pack of M&Ms and at times I dream about dropping the cares and worries and dropping out of the rat race to enjoy doing nothing or something that makes me happy.

The best part of my brithday day, is I share it with my Dad


Robin said...

Birthdays take on a different meaning when you become an adult. They are no longer balloons, cake, and presents. They even stop being "when I get to (insert age), I will be able to (insert drive, drink, smoke, etc)." Instead, they are just another number identifying how long you've been here. However, they still should be celebrated. You made it one more year!

That is very cool sharing a birthday with your dad. Makes it easy to remember HIS birthday, no?

Helen A said...

Thanks certainly is cool. Makes me feel special.


Helen A said...
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Barbara Morden said...

I totally get not feeling all grown up, even at my age (I'm old) LOL. It seem we never feel has old as we are except those days when we feel 110! I guess it really is all relative. Enjoying your blog and so glad you read mine. :)


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