Aug 9, 2013

Reading - the right and wrong time .. is there one !

I finished reading Kate Morton's 'Secret Keeper' a while back and then I thought I should not have started reading it at the time I did. Certain types of writing require more restfulness than others to be able to enjoy all of the book.

The story that unfolds is the type that one should read in the right frame of mind - when you are less harried by other pressing stuff of daily routines.  I find myself going over many parts of the book again at different times. The story was intriguing, so much so that I wanted to know how it ended instead of also enjoying( reflecting on)  the prose and the many sentiments of life as was depicted of the young and old. The story essentially spans almost 70 years from the war to recent 2011. 

I wanted to share one of the parts that had me reflecting.
A passage that gave me pause was about the sick, aging mother, and the daughter's(Laurel) thoughts about why her mother did not feel  surprise...."Her mother didn't ask why, and Laurel wondered whether perhaps a person reached an age when so much was kept from them, so many details of life discussed and decided elsewhere, misheard or misunderstood, that to be surprised was no longer disconcerting. She wondered whether she, too, would find one day that absolute clarity was neither possible nor desirable."

  .... is this what part of mellowing means...

If you like a good book with an unexpected twist this is one of them.

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Robin said...

I agree that there are times and places for "certain sorts of books." You can read a Fun Book any time. A book that is going to require some deep thinking needs the space for it.

I, too, like the quote you shared from the book. Very thought-provoking. I'm not certain that everyone reaches that place. I think it has to do more with frame of mind, or personality, than age. But, I could be wrong. It happens all the time;)


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