Jan 8, 2014

Books make you think

Recently I completed reading the Memorykeeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards 

It was sad and yet as I thought more about it, is also a happy story. For some reason I got hung up on the sad part, the parts about the loss and the guilt. On the other hand, the happy side which was the baby that lived in spite of nature's error, got less of my dwell time. Do we avoid looking at the imperfect and always look for what seems perfect or hope to be.

Perhaps that was how the author slanted it.
Decisions at one point in time affect the rest of life, Guilt is a horrible thing to hold on to especially for good souls.
The father tried to find a solution(his peace) to his guilt through his new hobby of photography.
Hate is another form that eats away at a person's soul.
It starts like a tiny blot that spread and grew and grew and impacts the life of all within and around it.

But love grows no matter what.. (it did for the nurse that saved an imperfect child).. that's probably the heart of the matter.

Seems universal ...........

.. to dwell on the negative longer than the positive.

It makes me think about the past, which I can't undo.

But unless that life had been different I could not have done it differently .

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