Feb 6, 2014

I probably won't miss it !

The Financial Lives Of The PoetsAs I got out of the train this morning, I was thinking what if it slipped out of my hand and fell through the gap.

I'm reading a book, and well as much as the style of it is loose, the story is kind of depressing, yet funny in a dark sort of way !. Perhaps it is just not my cup of tea, not sure why I picked it.

I started it about a week ago, and I usually don't take that long to finish a book. What am I reading, it's by Jess Walter - The Financial Lives of the Poets -.  It 's not really about poetry but about this guy who lost his job and then is loosing his self esteem ( along with everything else ... wife, self confidence... honesty..)  but thinks himself a poet of sorts.
It's about reacting to crisis.
It's amazing what can happen when you go out late to buy MILK.

Anyway I am halfway through the book  (the Hero has not yet, is almost about to become a drug buyer to  '√≠nvest' and grow his money that is, before he loses his house),  and this morning I was holding it in my hand as I got out of the train and thinking I probably won't miss it if I dropped it and the book fell through the gap in the platform.

But it did not slip and I shall still continue to read it and hope things LOOK up !

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