Jul 17, 2014

The Interestings

Another good book!

Meg Wolitzer writes with great depth. I was nodding and agreeing with many instances of expression, these were moments I had gone through in my life growing up and thoughts even today.
Really good piece of work, insightful. Very realistically describes thoughts, fears, doubts of individuals from teenage to senior life.
One could probably identify with a character of the group who are all so diverse even though they met in the same place for a similar purpose.
It boils down to two characters really seeing from within and without.

I keep telling myself to mark those great lines, but I never remember to.. there were many but I located only one ...what holding a job demands of an individual...
" a job outside the house that would require energy and focus and exactness and calm."
A perfect description of what being at work or the office entails vs being at home.. and sometimes we are  just not all  that...

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