Dec 31, 2014

Book maniac

Previously when the Sans bookshop was still around I could buy books and then sell them back at a fraction but at least they were not taking up space on my book shelf and piling. Now that Sans is gone, I buy a lot of new books, they are piling up and soon I'll have to decide what to keep (possibly keep) and not keep and donate to the Library (which is ok). But I love many of these books and I think I could read them again in the far future... but alas, will I have the space to keep that many.

Recently I acquired more through gifts and then of course the Christmas sale came on and I bought MORE !! But they're really good books by Jojo Moyes and Helen Fielding and Sue Monk Kid (sigh).

I'm not sure.... is reading a hobby ?.. feels more like a passion.

Image result for helen fielding mad about the boy

I like the style this is written in, thoroughly enjoyed it start to finish..  I could feel her panic, the mad rush and the chaos in Bridget's life with the kids. I can identify with all that and that feeling of imperfection. And of course I love a happy ending. 

I've also finally managed to get back to scrapbooking.. here's 2 cards just fresh from the oven..

Happy bright, cheerful and Blessed New Year to all of you out there.

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