Mar 30, 2015

The Unexpected and change !

From feasting to mourning, celebration to grief.

Chinese New Year , the time for enjoyment, celebration, holidaying. Something nobody would have ever expected happened. I broke my ankle bones and have been laid up since the second day of Chinese New Year.
After the op, I would not be able to put my foot down for 6-8 weeks it seems and then too,not before removing one screw out of the many so that I can begin the exercise of walking again.
Plenty more time to think and read and not sure if I can do much.
Between the twinges of pain and groans in my ankle it's been hard to 'enjoy' the time so to speak.
I am in touch with the office and that keeps me occupied some,but it's tough cos I can't ignore my healing ankle.
We were supposed to be elsewhere not at Pasir Ris, but plans changed and a rental bike changed my fate. Anyway beware of balding tyres on your rental bike.
I always believe that all things happen for a reason. I'm not sure what this time is for yet.

And then while on recovery, on the 23 Mar,the greatest man this country has seen, passed away. Our founding father Lee Kuan Yew. He was 91, still he always seemed formidable. He's the most hardworking leader I have ever known.and constant about our destiny as a nation and people.
Yesterday was the funeral service,  we saw the longest of rain falling and the heaviest of downpour we had experienced in a quite a while. In fact we had been having a dry spell. It's a pity he will not be with us for the nation's 50th birthday, HIM being the reason for our current place in history.
The heavens too were weeping.

While I couldn't get out there, with more than a million Singaporeans offering their tribute in one way or the other, I am heartened by the display and outpouring of grief of my fellow residents. Goodbye Father Lee, may your legacy live on well, may leaders follow your example and values for our children's sake. May he rest in peace.

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