Nov 22, 2015

Laminate flooring is impractical for long term use..

It's only been 3 years or so, since I did laminate flooring for my apartment and guess what advice I get for maintenance issues. ..  'got to to redo whole floor'.

I guess it was just getting into the market at that time when I searched for information and there was none to warn me that it's not the perfect solution. Of course the contractor told me it's tough, it's hardy, and resilient etc etc and easy to install.

Well today because of furniture movement I presume, the laminate flooring  has tiny gaps here and there and uneven edges in many places, while some can actually get kicked back into place, the rest can't.

I have talked to a few 'experts'  and their suggestion is redo, nothing else can be done. So I hope this is helpful information for those deciding between easy and fast vs long term home maintenance issues. I suppose nothing beats the cement option.

For now perhaps I'll just cover the soar spots with a rug .

If any one has suggestions, please, I am all ears.

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