May 23, 2016

What do I know !

So I upgraded my tires, technically it's called plus sized my tires to get a new set of fancy rims. Bridgestone tyres are good,
I merely followed the advise of MEN in the family.  Better road holding and all that , I never considered there was a downside to plus sizing but there is, after much reading and searching.
I think I got a good deal with a trade-in value on my smaller tires (which I'm told are less popular) and new rims (not too bad).

So for the next week I'm driving my car and I'm none too comfortable with it. My old car was less bumpy besides the reverberation (old what!), had less side to side wobble and I thought maybe it just takes getting used to.

Bu when my son, complained about the very same thing I thought , ok I can't be wrong. I should just go with my gut, expert or not on cars, accessories and tires. I know what it feels to be comfortable in a car. So I lived with it for another week because it's all office hours for servicing

So I decided either the tires are too hard or maybe the guys at the first tire place did not balance my wheels after replacing or there's something not sitting right between the suspension and the new wheels. Either way I needed them to check, get a second opinion or just go back to the dealer service centre and pay the price for vanity (upsizing ) but at least get the right advice and correct the problem asap.

Maybe it was providence that prevented me from going back to the original all auto service place for checking. It was a public holiday, so they were closed. So I went to another,(made up my mind to pay for the service of balancing), found a tyre service shop and got some additional advise (guys were local , spoke English) and understanding.
Lo and behold - apparently my wheels were not balanced, all 4 of them.
So that was one.

Second, the pressure was 250 (guy says more suited for 2000cc) when it should be more like 220.. too hard.. you think !!. Advise: my tyre is a T series, if I want good grip get the S. Hmmm!

Were they in a hurry ? Did they forget?   Do new tyres need balancing , Yes apparently so .

Should I be upset. ??

Well I learnt a thing or two. 

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