Sep 28, 2012

Recycling old designs (pt 2)

A few more recycled designs...

Aug 5, 2012

See the Flowers Smiling

K Kingdom embossing folders, the one that looks like the grain of tree bark, that's the look I'm aiming for.......  the trellis is from Heartfelt Creations - 'Bella Rose Lattice' stamp,
Hero Arts word clear backed by Sizzix Scallop die, edges sponged with Distress inks...

Jul 17, 2012

Recycling old designs (pt 1)

I was recently clearing up old scrapbooking stuff to make place for new things...(there's never enough place is there?).. and there were a few old cards which I had made but never gave out because I didn't like how they turned out.. (you could say I have improved  :)')

So I thought why waste the good parts, let's recycle and redo the main image element or work around it.....So here's two of them ......

Only the centre piece which was punched (Karl) is the old piece, I  added the Cottage Cutz die [CottageCutz Floral Doily (4x4]
, a Hero Arts sentiment, embossed and stamped with metallic ink for background using Slanted Tree also from Hero Arts... a layer of Frost White Tsukineko ink for a metallic shine. A bit of purple flowers peep through the doily lace die because of the recycled paper I used which had pinkish petals embedded.

The whole of the oval piece is the original, the rest is recently layered on.
I love the Hedgehog stamps, they're so cute.

Jul 5, 2012

Bouquet of Flowers for an August Birthday

'Plumeria and Leaves' die from Cottage Cutz,  

 paper from Basic Grey, 
another step fold card....

Jun 23, 2012

Malacca June 14-17 2012

It was lovely lovely drive up, pretty smooth  but just a little glitch (traffic jam) on the way back. There was an overturned 18 wheeler lying turn turtle on the side of the highway.

The three nights in Malacca was pleasant and not that tiring considering we did some sight seeing of new sights and didn't get quite as lost seeing as how the GPS seemed to be quite spot on. Managed to make it the old ST Francis Xavier Church(built 1849) for the Sunset mass at 6pm at Saturday. God's providence we got a parking space(the one and only just in time)

We took in a cruise of the Malacca River, that was beautiful and scenic. The murals on the back of the shops were superb.

Sunset as usual is wonderful at Pantai Puteri of Tanjung Kling, breakfast at out favourite breakfast shack , nostalgic, yeah it's still there. The pratha (roti chanai) is better and the coffee is just as good.

We tried something called Satay Celup, a Malacca specialty which is essentially steamboat but the soup base is satay gravy. Interesting, not bad really just that the coffeeshop was hot and the kids took a little warming up to it just before we left when they discovered cockles and other more interesting goodies on a stick.
The new water theme park Malacca Wonderland, is as good as Sunway for me, not totally completed I think,  there's more to come for this theme park.

Enjoyed durians (not me of course) mangosteens, lychees, rambutans.., Portuguese food, Nonya food but amazingly the sambal belachan was absolutely not hot at all, prawns, crab. ....

Mum made it through the trip, despite the long drives and the heat.

We especially enjoyed ourselves at the Planterium, lying on our backs in cold aircondition,in a theatre all by oursleves,  face up to the ceiling for our 3D voyage through the solar system. That was GOOD.

The one thing I have not yet done over the numerous Malacca trips is to attend the night market on Jonker Walk, I'll get to it some time. Of course shopping at Jusco just before heading back. The Malaysian ringgit was 2.46 to 1 Sing dollar, that meant we got some bargains on some stuff.

I feel confident enough to drive on my own, if I had to do it. But let's bring the GPS along for the in town drive around.

A memorable trip with Mum and Dad.

Jun 9, 2012

Every day is a Gift- Sunflower on a step fold card

Sunflower from Penny Black, against a die cut embossed scallop (Sizzix and K Kingdom) respectively)...Dragon Fly from Sizzix...,

using word set from Hero Arts Clear Stamps......

the Fence is from Tim Holtz Alternation dies.

May 29, 2012

Talking to God

'God botherer', I came across this phrase in of my recent fiction reads and had a lot thought come from it.
How many of us actually do this, when we talk to God ?  I think I do. But God does want us to turn to him does he not for anything and everything ?

Then I am reminded that I need to thank him constantly too and praise him, both of which I do little of.

Being comfortable with God, reflects the strength of my faith.

So there is a happy message in thereafter all.

May 10, 2012

Mother's Day

This weekend..Mother's Day, an occasion to mark with special thoughts and memories. Technically it's everyday, we don't take a break do we?.

My mother is one of a kind. I am who I am because of her (dad too of course, but mothers have a different influence on one as a woman).

But this day is special because I am a mother too.

Being a mother isn't easy while on the outside it may appear so.
While the physical exertions are one aspect, the other is an emotional affliction, the usual that is displayed and still there is much that is seldom expressed but swallowed and assimilated.
The kind that makes our hair turn grey, the feelings that raise our heartbeat, the thoughts that raise fear.

Not everyone understands in the same way, not everyone has the same experiences but everyone understands a mother's love.

Happy Mother's Day 

May 5, 2012

Apr 30, 2012

So true... about the simple pleasures

To quote Catherine (the Sculptor artist) in Susan Mallery's book "Only His' ... Traditional crafts provide a creative outlet for women. As our society increases our connection with technology, we risk losing the simple pleasures that bring beauty to our lives'.

As I read,  I thought, is this why some of us are drawn to creating our own little works of art. Every time I give away one of my own self-created cards, I wonder will the receiver appreciate it as I would a personalized handmade craft

A friend who introduced me to the craft, recently unearth some of my earlier cards (made for her and her daughter) before I dug my heels into rubber stamping ... and I think to myself, they are simple and uniquely mine... These were from the days before the advent of the camera phone and common scanners. Thank you friend.

For little Chloe...Wish upon a Star

teacups & roses


Apr 24, 2012

Not very domestic me

Having FB on mobile is great. It keeps me in touch without too much effort, and sometimes I catch something interesting, like persons telling me not to smoke when they know ...well I don't smoke.
Anyway I digress...
I posted a forum page article on facebook a few days ago, re NTUC Fairprice prices not being the same at different outlets, that's not quite fair is it??

So I think to myself, I am one of those who does not compare prices much less remember prices. So what do I do now, I carry my receipt(s) with me just so I can be a 'more informed shopper'.
And guess what # &^#(.. 200ml Meiji fresh milk is now up by 20cts from $1.2...that's 17% increase..!!  (correction I think that's only for 7/11 stores. I need to shop else where for my drink...)

Inflation in today's headlines, hmmm maybe I should start looking at coupons and get more 'domestic'... sigh.

Does having Facebook come under being 'domestic'?..  But wait , the PM just set his it comes under being sociable....

Mar 21, 2012

Places I hope to visit one day soon.

I've been to most of the immediate Asian cities like Malaysia, Hon Kong, Shanghai, Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket), Bali and Lombok (Indonesia) and the most recent was Cambodia.

A little further afield a long time ago, I visited the east cost of Australia, namely Brisbane and Melbourne, Tasmani and lovely lovely New Zealand.

I hope and aim to see Rome and England next and beyond if possible one day soon.

Life has passed me by long enough with just work and the kids in front of me, it's time to live a little more.

Tri fold Card Fun

'We did not weave the web of life, we are but a strand in it.'.

I created the flowers using the Punch from EK Success called the Dimensional Flower Punch, set them against an embossed tree.background from Sizzix. I sprayed the flowers with some glimmer mist and dabbed a little red and pink ink for the effect.

I also used part of the cut off balance to cover two square, still with partial embossed designs.

This is a fun way to play with paper designs but of course matching with different papers and getting the right colour scheme can be tough.

Word stamps from 'Rubber Tree' (Web) and 'Inky Antics' .

I may have an extra fold or so a little variation from the few tutorials.

Mar 10, 2012

My niece's birthday..

I'm looking forward to birthday cake....

and wishing you out there hugs as well....
Stamp is from Penny Black 'basket of love', 'Hugs' and scallop die cut from sizzix,  and the words from Inky Antics.

Feb 26, 2012

Dying appliances.....

the Old Cemetery
Recently appliances have started to break down at home, first the toaster, then the microwave and then the airpot (hotwater bolier). Earlier , the washing machine had sarted to give me trouble, but thankfully that was repairable.
So here I 'm pondering what the Universe might be trying to tell me and I got some colourful responses via Facebook but no mystical answers. Of course we all know that they don't make 'em like the old days.
Things have a limited lifespan these days, almost as predictably as the limited warranties that are handed out.

As much as I delayed replacing the microwave, after deliberating a long time over the long discussed, theorised and yet still to be proven talk of radiation etc etc I decided the advantages had proved themselves. Why limit radiation concern to mic ovens when daily we surround ourselves with radio, wifi and telco waves and then others second hand smoke, fumes, etc etc. We are all affected one way or the other.

Renewal is a part of the life cycle for both living and non-living. I just have to be philosophical about it and get a move on.
So of course here I am burning a hole in my cheque book this month to replace the dead appliances.

Feb 4, 2012

Son, taxi is still cheaper than renting acar.

I dropped my son off at a birthday party somewhere in ulusville (to me that is, where I stay is probably someone elses' ulusville)... in Loyang and picked in up a few hours later. Another boys 11th birthday and it's the usual beyblades, Xbox and NERF wars....

You only have that kind of fun at this age and you are only 11 once.

So of course to and fro, taxi charges were $70 in total The surcharge in the evening racked it up another $10.

I told my son his  bill for the night and he asked ' can we buy a car'. I suppose I'll have to explain to him that it is still cheaper than renting which is still cheaper than buying.

Oh well we'll see, life is so full of surprises.!  Maybe I'll strike TOTO soon.

Jan 29, 2012

11-year olds and Nerf guns...

My youngest turned 11. he got two parties this year, one with family including cousins and another with his school mates and neighbourhood playmates. He makes friends easily.

And of course where boys are concerned, the in thing now is NERF. So you can imagine, that's all they were talking about and bothering with from start to finish... fixing up their guns, attachments, bullets, extensions and who would have thought there were so many  different varieties. I was concerned they would mix up their toys, but oh no... I'm told 'chill' 'no worries' ....

So I left them to it and they had great wild time in the park engrossed in their Nerf war..
 Of course my living room looked like a battle zone with parts, and bullets and bags not to mention food and cups and drinks by the time we were half way through the party.
And what kind of party would it be without FAST FOOD!.

It is now almost coming to the close of my evening.

And for the family I hope they enjoyed my special treat of crabs.
I hope my son had a memorable birthday, and his friends had fun too and me I look forward to my bed soon.

Thank God for the lovely weather today.

Jan 20, 2012

Christmas cards and friendship

Christmas gathering - a little late but no less joyful.....

Stamps from Penny Black (Christmas)

From Penny Black Stamps

Sizzix dies ..
Playing with distressed inks this Christmas season...

A Bildmalarna Stamp
Had a ribbon wrap around it, didn't update the photo...with Tim Holtz Distress inks..
Christmas cards for the year..

Jan 17, 2012


But sometimes you need to just take a look at it again to make sure it is still 'well'.

Some things last but eventually, they just break down.

Lately, the appliances in my home have been giving way one by one.  The toaster, then the washing machine and  then the microwave. Lights off and on...

It's like nature telling me it's time.

Some things can be repaired but some things just require renewal.

And like life I too will begin rejuvenation.

Jan 14, 2012

Birthday in December

A birthday card for my sweet niece.

Stamp from Belles and Whistles set against a spellbinders die.

Pat's card, unfortunately I didn't update this photo,  I modified it a litle bit more before I handed it off..


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